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We have an amazing team available to help you, and an even better support structure for our company. This allows us to focus on our client’s needs and objectives.

Welcome to Cunningham Financial Services. We are a vibrant young business offering a unique and friendly service. It is our mission to provide clients of all ages with an insight into financial planning. Financial Planning is an integral part of our life cycle and applies to all ages and circumstances.

Thomas Cunningham

Thomas T. Cunningham

Principal Consultant

Thomas Cunningham, the Managing Director, holds the position of PCF 1 (Executive Director) and PCF 8(CEO). Thomas is a Qualified Financial Advisor (QFA).

He has worked alongside some amazing individuals over his 25 years in business. He has enjoyed being at the helm of a number of businesses over his career and brings the combined knowledge of managing director and business owner to the table. He has extensive knowledge of business costings and the EBITDA business performance management system.

Cris Silke

Cris Silke has an impressive accountancy background and has worked with some of the largest financial institutes worldwide.

Cris has worked with finance multinationals in Dubai and the Philippines and has extensive cross border tax knowledge.

Cris has amassed a world of corporate knowledge and is currently APA approved and on track to achieve QFA qualification later in 2023.

Cris Silke
Aaron Cunningham

Aaron Cunningham

Aaron Cunningham holds a junior role while navigating his way through college. Aaron’s youth and enthusiasm combined with extensive knowledge around CRM management systems means his role in the company is invaluable.

Aaron understands the need for more online interaction and works really well with the younger generation.

Aaron will join the business full time upon graduation.

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