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“We are here to help as knowledge is vital in this area. There is little solace in knowing what you should have done after the fact” – Thomas Cunningham

Business Financial Planning

“If you are in business then you are in finance”, is a very apt saying I overheard at a seminar one time. Consistent and accurate guidance from a professional financial planner is a must in this regard. Many business owners are not aware of their financial exposure. We love working with business owners and their relavent teams in this regard. There are many tax-advantageous routes a business can take to increase its bottom line.

Corporate funds in a bank account are depreciating over time with inflation running at an all-time high. With our guidance, you can put this money to work for you. We take a holistic view of the business, taking into consideration staff, costings and many other variables that are constantly moving in a growing and vibrant business.

Mr Thomas Cunningham
Thomas Cunningham with Alan Guiomard

Life Assurance & Partnership Legal Agreement

A Partnership Insurance arrangement typically consists of two essential components that help protect the interests of partners involved in a business partnership. The first part involves each partner obtaining an individual life insurance policy, with the intention of benefiting the other partners in the event of their untimely death.

There are two parts to a Partnership Insurance arrangement. Each partner should take out a protection plan on his/her own life for the benefit of the other partners. All participating partners enter into the legal agreement. The legal agreement should outline the precise entitlement of each partner’s estate in the event of a partner’s death.

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Key Person Insurance

The value of people: Keyperson Assurance

All businesses, whether large or small, are heavily dependent on one key asset – their people. It is people who build up a successful business, not plant or machinery. But what would happen if one of these key people were to die or suffer an illness of a serious nature?

In such circumstances, the profitability of the business could be interrupted and threatened by any of the following. By having Keyperson Assurance, the company will receive an immediate pre-determined lump sum payment on the death or diagnosis of a specified illness of the individual insured under the policy.

The company has the freedom to use these funds in any manner it chooses. It has the option to:

Company Options
Business Financial Planning

Hit Your Growth Targets with Strategic Business Financial Planning in Ireland 

As business financial advisors in Ireland, Cunningham Financial Services has hit the benchmark in Ireland. When you partner with us, expect the following services:

Cash Flow Management: We help you manage cash inflows and outflows for day-to-day operations while ensuring adequate liquidity.

Financial Forecasting: We help you make informed financial decisions such as mergers and acquisitions.

Investment Planning: We help you allocate capital in different financial instruments to achieve your business growth and profitability goals.

Tax Planning: We help your business minimize its tax liabilities while maximizing income after tax.

Employee Benefits Planning: We help with employee benefits plans, retirement plans, and commercial health insurance coverage.

Financial Reporting: We maintain accurate financial records and reports for legal compliance and regulations.

Our financial consultation firm has a track record of success with diverse clients, ranging from startups and small enterprises to well-established brands. Our collaboration can steer your business towards a path of financial growth and prosperity.

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