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The most consistent and interesting question that I have been asked last year is, “How much do we need to have set aside for our children’s college education?”

“I welcome the opportunity to demonstrate how we can work together to tailor a financial strategy that revolves entirely around your unique needs, objectives, and aspirations.”

Considering all the variables involved such as:

This equation is not necessarily clear cut. However, we can be prepared for this unknown using accurate calculators designed to estimate this cost. This will take into consideration, the above expenses and other possible outlays.

Savings and Growth Plan

My recommendation is always the same, a well-constructed savings and growth plan with the right provider is the best way to hit any estimated financial target.

Having a lump sum available when your children start college can really help take the pressure off parents. That is why we recommend you take professional advice when implementing a college funding savings plan.

College Fund Cash
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Your Financial Journey

Everyone is on a financial journey, whether you are 19 or 90 you are involved with finance, it is an integral part of your life. Engaging with your financial planner should be part of your monthly agenda. It is our mission to simplify the process with easy access to our team, meetings that work for our client’s schedule and a quick turnaround on queries.

Insights into Financial Planning

Our website offers insight into financial planning and our business, if you would like more information, contact Cunningham Financial Services using our contact page and we will respond within 24 hours. We passionately believe in providing accurate and straightforward advice that is relevant to your particular circumstances. We offer a consultation with no obligation and no charge to all our clients. We provide a unique friendly service.

Financial Insights
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At Cunningham Financial Services, we understand the importance of investing in education and empowering the next generation. Our dedicated team of professionals is passionate about helping students and families navigate the complexities of college funding.

With expertise in financial planning and personalized strategies, we strive to make higher education more accessible and affordable. Together, we work tirelessly to support your educational aspirations, ensuring that finances don’t stand in the way of your dreams. Let us be your trusted partners in building a brighter future through education.

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