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Your employees are your best asset, so it makes sense to protect them. Group Life Insurance offers peace of mind to employees that their family will be supported financially in the event that something happens to them.

“Over the lifetime of an average pension, you can reduce your tax bill by €43,200, making basic contributions to a pension scheme”

Corporate/Employee benefits

We know the challenges involved in engaging employees with their retirement fund. Most people do not think that far ahead, and the word “pensions” is not really a conversation for the canteen. We offer a range of interactions to ensure employees are enthused and understand the value of their pension.

Working in partnership with you and your employees, we are on hand to make sure that setting up and managing your employee benefits is seamless, efficient, and worthwhile. Whether it’s for a large multinational organisation or a local SME business, we are on hand to create a package that works for you and your employees.

Your staff will have independent financial advice available to them immediately upon request and we offer regular on site presentations to keep your employees up to speed on all aspects of finance.

A company pension scheme is one of the most important employee benefits that you as an employer can provide. It helps ensure your employees are financially secure in retirement. As an employer, providing a company pension scheme helps to attract new staff and, importantly in today’s challenging workplace, retain existing employees.

A key tool in attracting and retaining top talent is having a strong employee benefits package, offering financial protection to your staff and their dependents. The best way to protect your business from an unexpected liability associated with your benefits package is to insure the risk.


Group Income Protection

Group Income Protection protects your employees from loss of income by paying them a monthly income if they are unable to work for a prolonged period due to long term illness or injury.

  • Keep Talented Employees with a Corporate Financial PlanGroup Income Protection is designed for employers who want to provide an income protection plan for employees. The premiums are paid for by the employer and qualify as business expenses that can be offset against corporation tax.
  • The employer can also elect to have pension contributions covered under this plan. If you need to claim, we will pay the income benefit to the employer, who passes it onto the employee through salary, making any relevant deductions such as tax and USC (Universal Social Charge)
  • Group Income Protection is sometimes referred to as Permanent Health Insurance (PHI) or disability cover. We know that the health and wellbeing of a company’s employees is important. We aim to pay valid claims with minimal fuss. We will also offer the right absence management support to you and your employees early on, to try to prevent long-term sick leave. In some cases, we will work with employees to fund the right treatments to help rehabilitate and get them back to work.
  • Attract and retain top talent. By offering Group Income Protection, employers can attract and retain top talent. This shows that the employer is committed to the wellbeing of their employees, making it a desirable place to work.
  • Tailored solutions. We understand that every business is unique, and therefore we offer tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of each employer. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and provide the right Group Income Protection plan to suit their needs.

Your employees are your best asset, so it makes sense to protect them. Group Life Insurance offers peace of mind to employees that their family will be supported financially in the event that something happens to them. Group Life Insurance (often referred to as Death-in-Service) is now seen as an essential part of the benefits package for most employers. It provides employees with the peace of mind that dependants will be supported financially in the event of their death. The payment can be made as one Lump Sum. The Lump Sum can be a multiple of salary or a fixed amount.

Thomas Cunningham with His Staff

At Cunningham Financial Services, we are dedicated to providing comprehensive financial planning solutions tailored to the unique needs of businesses. We understand the intricate dynamics of corporate finance and work closely with organizations to develop strategic financial plans that drive growth and success.

With a focus on optimizing cash flow, managing risk, and maximizing profitability, we empower businesses to make informed decisions that pave the way for a prosperous future. Partner with us and experience the peace of mind that comes with having a solid financial roadmap for your corporate endeavors.

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