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Family Protection Plans

Protecting ourselves and our loved ones in the event of an unforeseen tragic event is really important. Professional guidance here is a must, as not all plans will suit your needs.

“Health is our most valuable gift,  Financial Security is a close second though”

Stroke, heart attack and many other illnesses we can recover from if we have proper recovery time and good medical care. It is vital that we have peace of mind in this area. Life assurance and serious illness quotations vary and it is important that you understand the different components. We tailor each product to client specific needs.

If something were to happen to you in the course of your life, how would those closest to you be affected? These are the hard questions we ask all our clients. Serious illness can and does happen to the healthiest people on the planet. We can ensure that your finances are in order just in case a serious illness or cancer befalls us.

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Family Financial Planning

We will advise you on all aspects of the various plans, and you decide on what is most suited to your family.

Our vision is to make sure that it is there, and correct, when needed. We can provide a budget-specific tailored protection plan that will meet your needs.

Dual life protection is the optimum plan here, and if the budget allows we can add a serious illness benefit. The right plan for you will include cover for your children at no extra cost.

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